John Harbison: Fourteen Fabled Folksongs

Vn, Mba


For violin and marimba. Written for Marimolin (violinist Sharan Leventhal and marimba player Nancy Zeltsman). The title came first, a nice alliteration - "fabled" as in the dictionary definition "mythical, legendary, having no real existence." I imagined Marimolin, in their originality of design, their enterprise, their resourceful musicianship, as having a kinship with street musicians. My piece would be at home in both the subway station and the concert hall. I also conceived it as suitable, in its modest technical demands, for a more junior Marimba-style duo, who would transpose up the passages designed for Nancy Zeltsman's marimba gigantica. — John Harbison

Additional Info

Composer John Harbison
Publisher Associated Music Publishers Inc
Arrangement Violin/Marimba (VLN/MAR)
Format Score and Parts
Genre 20th Century

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