Augusta Read Thomas: jeu d'esprit, a fanfare for paired instruments (brass)



For trumpet duo. jeu d'esprit is a highly virtuosic three-minute fanfare whim, which connects, combines, and transforms majestic motives with ornamental materials (which are almost Baroque-like in their arabesques and trills). Given that there are only 2 instruments, and they can each only play one note at a time, I worked hard to give the illusion that this fanfare is about harmony. This, despite that we never hear more than two notes played together. It is at times fiery, at times fluid and generally ablaze with energy. — Augusta Read Thomas

Additional Info

Composer Augusta Read Thomas
Publisher G Schirmer Inc
Arrangement Brass Instruments/Chamber Group (BRASS INST/CHAM)
Format Score and Parts
Genre 20th Century

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