Augusta Read Thomas: Memory: Swells



For guitar duo. Formally, Memory: Swells has the shape of ABCBA, a cycle-forming shape, like that of a wave. One can think of the A material as the deepest, slowest moving part of a wave, 100 feet below the surface with calm, clean, steady, oscillating motions. The B materials can be understood as the middle ground, 30 feet below the surface, fluctuating, expanding, rolling, and revealing rich harmonic motifs. The C material is like the top of the waves surface, full of flutterings, unexpected ripples, whirlpools, and splashes. These curls and upsurges melt back into the inevitable and deep motion of memory — and/or memory of motion. — Augusta Read Thomas

Additional Info

Composer Augusta Read Thomas
Publisher G Schirmer Inc
Arrangement String Instruments/Chamber Group (STR INST/CHAM)
Format Score and Parts
Genre 20th Century

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