Augusta Read Thomas: Moon Jig

Vn, Vc, Pf


For violin, cello, and piano. Traditionally, a Jig (or Gigue) has been a lively dance with leaping movements, comprised of two sections each repeated. Somewhat of a cross between “Jazz” (Monk, Coltrain, Tatum, Miles, etc.) and “Classical” (Bartok, Brahms, Stravinsky, etc.) Moon Jig can be heard as a series of outgrowths and variations, which are organic and, at every level, concerned with transformations and connections. The piano serves as the protagonist as well as fulcrum point on and around which all musical force-fields rotate, bloom and proliferate. — Augusta Read Thomas

Additional Info

Composer Augusta Read Thomas
Publisher G Schirmer Inc
Arrangement Piano/Violin/Cello (PF/VLN/VLC)
Format Score and Parts
Genre 20th Century

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