Avner Dorman: Udacrep Akubrad - chamber version

2 Perc(2 Mba, 2 Tom, 4 Darbukas)


For percussion duo (not the concerto of the same title). "What determines the special character of a piece of music written for percussion instruments is the very choice of sets of instruments. In Udacrep Akubrad, I have chosen a similar set of instruments for each of the players: a marimba, two Darbuka, and a tom-tom. This piece draws its inspiration from the “Eastern” music, extending the boundaries of the region as far as the Indian sub-continent. The main source materials in this piece are scales and the rhythms emanating from the traditional classical music of the peoples of the Mediterranean; and repetitive minimalism, from the music tradition of the Middle East, as well as the recently developed techniques in western music." — Avner Dorman
DoubleBeats (Percussion-Duo)

Additional Info

Composer Avner Dorman
Publisher G Schirmer Inc
Arrangement Percussion/Ensemble (PERC/ENS)
Format Score and Parts
Genre 20th Century

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